1 year ago

Nation Heat exercise evaluation and also release day is coming

If you would have asked me a year approximately back if I would do a fitness program that chooses c and w I would have said you were insane. I need to alter my mind on that now though since this brand-new Nation Heat workout by Fall Calabrese is going to be coming out in July. I am really excited to embarrass myself dancing the weight away.

So are you going to check this out with me or make me look like a fool all by myself? I would actually like the comments or you can just stick around until I get some videos of myself up here.

2 years ago

Make Math Easy with These Linux Apps

Ugh, math. Its not everyones favorite, but we could hardly live without it. While most of us dont deal with integrals and vector fields on a daily basis, we still need to manage our budgets and calculate surface areas when redecorating our homes.